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PAVALAR T.A THURAIAPPAHPILAI (14.10.1910~24.06.1929)



Mr.T.A.Thuraiappahpillai first saw the light of the day on 20-10-1872.At the age of five he joined the school conducted by the American Missionaries at Tellippalai.He lost his father at tender age and was brought up by his mother. He received his higher education at Jaffna college, Vaddukodai. On passing the Senior School Certificate Examination he joined Government Service only to give it up after short time. He then joined the staff of St.John’s,Panadura.

In 1884 he left for india and became a teacher at High School at Rohilapur in Bombay. Then he taught at Belgiam High School also in Bombay. In 1888 he came back to Ceylon where he qualified himself for teaching by passing the English Teacher’s Certificate Examination. He was appointed Headmaster of the  American Mission English School where he first received his education. In October 1910, he left the Tellippalai American Mission English School and started in his own home, the MAHAJANA English High School.

In 1909 he married Miss. Thaialnayaki Sabapathipillai also of Tellippalai and had a daughter and two sons. He was a powerful social reformer and wrote many articles in the “Morning Star” in 1929.The school was growing steadily during his nineteen years teaching career at the MAHAHJANA and he Passed away on the 24th of June.



Kassippilai Chinnappah (26.06.1929~19.05.1948)


Mr.Kassippilai Chinnappah who succeeded Mr.T.A.Thuraiappapilai as Head master in 1929 was born at Alaveddy in the year 1897. He studied at uddayar’s school and from there after passing the 3rd standard in tamil he joined the mission school at tellippalai. Later on he passed the senior school certificate examination and joined the staff of Mahajana college in 1914. After a while he was selected for training to the government training college for teachers and there he was appointed a perfect. He then came back to mahajana as a teacher and succeeded the founder when he died in 1929.

During his life he wrote many poiet compoitions which appeared in local periodicals and in a popular weekly called “Anandha Bodhini”. He wrote many articales on their various social problems and they appeared regularly in newspapers and magazines.

Mr.Chinnappah passed away in the prime of his life in 1945 when the school was making steady progress under his guidance.


T.JAYARATNAM (20.05.1948~31.12.1970)


Mr.T.JAYARATNAM was born on the 28 th day of October 1913. he was only sixteen years of age and was student at Mahajana English School when his dad passed away. He then joined Jaffna Hindu College and got through the London Matriculation in 1930. He then got through the London Intermediate in Arts Examination at Jaffna College, Vaddukodai in the year 1932 and later started his teaching career at MAHAJANA English School as an English Teacher. The growth of the school was steady and had student strength of 180 at that time his teacher training in 1937 was followed by the success in London Bachelor of Arts Examination.

In 1942 he married to Raniratnam and had two daughters and two sons. soon after the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations by the end of 1970 Mr.Jeyaratnam retired from the service. After all that achievements’ he was so relieved and presume this happiness might have made his passing away on 29th October 1976 peacefully.


M.Makadevan (01.01.1971~05.06.1972)


P.Kumarasamy (06.06.1972~09.07.1973)


S.Sivasubramaniam (10.07.1973~24.05.1976)


P.Kanagasabapathy (25.05.1976~30.11.1979)


A.Ramasaamy ( )


Birama sri.K.Rathneswaraiyar (01.12.1979~30.06.1980)


P.Somasundaram (01.07.1980~11.06.1983)


T.Shanmugasuntharam (12.06.1983~31.07.1984)


V.Kanthaiya (01.08.1984~03.12.1985)


K.Nagaraja (04.12.1985~28.11.1998)


P.Suntharalingam (29.11.1998~14.10.2006)


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